I Blinked…

Timothy is 5 years old. Where did the time go?

It’s been a great day. We all woke Timothy up by singing Happy Birthday to him. He wore a Spider Man ribbon that says “Birthday Champ” on it to school and made sure everyone knew that he was 5 years old today. He pretty much got to celebrate all day. We took powdered donuts and yoohoo to share with his friends at snack time (Sorry Mrs. R! I didn’t get to join in for snack time because I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon.), he got to wear the special birthday crown, Scott had lunch with him, and we went to Chuck E. Cheese (Timothy’s choice) for dinner.

Zachary started the day being less than enthused about it being Timothy’s birthday. When I noticed he was bit down, he told me that he was “still three.” Poor guy wants to be 4, and he won’t be for 7 months. He cheered up during the school day, and was really excited when Timothy chose Chuck E. Cheese.

Emily is so proud of her little brother turning 5. She let her whole class know, and they all made him a birthday card. The book fair is this week at her school, and Emily used her own money to buy a book for both boys and one for herself. What a great sister!

As if I need an added reminder that Timothy is growing up, today happened to be the day for Kindergarten registration. He is so excited about going to Kindergarten at Emily’s school. I don’t know how we’ll break the news to Zachary that Timothy will not be going to school with him next year. Timothy wanted to start today since he’s 5 now. He told me he’s ready to learn how to do things that big kids can do. I’m not sure exactly what that means, but I think he understands now that he won’t start until August.

I am so proud of Timothy and am anxious to see where life will take him next.



5 thoughts on “I Blinked…

  1. When each of the girls turned 5 before time to start kindergarten I simply explained that one had to practice being 5 for a bit before they could go to *big* school. It seemed to help when they knew they were *doing something* to get ready and practicing just being 5 was enought for them. Timothy might like getting to *practice* being 5.

  2. That is so funny that Timothy wanted to start kindergarten right away after turning 5 – We had that EXACT conversation with Braylon 3 weeks ago when he turned 5. He is ‘settling’ for waiting until August, but he wasn’t happy about it at all. That is too funny…

  3. I’m so proud of the little guy. Yes, he is still a little guy. I think I’ll always look at him as my little guy.

    My favorite part of his birthday was eating lunch with him and watching how excited he was to have his Daddy sitting at the little kid table with all his friends.

  4. Happy Birthday Tim-O. I can’t believe how quickly your kids are growing up. Seems like just yesterday they were babies!

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