Stimulating the Economy

Our tax rebate was deposited at the same time as our pay for the online classes we teach, which was good timing for us.  They say the purpose of the rebate was to stimulate the economy, so we didn’t see putting it into savings as an option.  In the past, we’ve used such items to pay off credit card debt.  We finally don’t have any of that, our online class pay paid off my surgery and some has gone to savings, so we got to use the rebate for some fun things instead.

Since the amount of the rebate was determined by the number of children, we wanted to get something the whole family could enjoy.  So, the first thing we got was a new dinette.  We have had our old one for 9 years.  It’s served it’s time.  It was falling apart and we had really outgrown it.  It had gotten to the point that the five us did not fit comfortably around it even with the leaf in and were tired of the chair with casters.  We did some shopping around and finally arrived at an upscale consignment shop just down the street.  It was here that we got a beautiful 6′ solid wood table that we just love.  It came with two leaves that we will pull out when we have company.  It has 6 chairs, 5 of which we keep at the table.


Our second purchase is a new box spring and mattress set for our Queen Size bed.  Eight years ago, we bought a water bed.  After five years, the tubes started leaking on a fairly regular basis.  After replacing a couple of the tubes, we decided to get rid of all the tubes and get some foam inserts for the bed.  Over the past two years, the mattress sagged and the sides of the box spring began to collapse.  So, after shopping at the high dollar furniture stores, we headed to a mattress outlet store and got a Distinction Pillow Top mattress.


Just doing our part to help the economy.



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