With temperatures reaching the 100s the last few days, I can safely say that summer is here. We’ve got a lot planned for this summer. Today, Emily signed up for the summer reading competition that she participated in last year at the Wolfforth library. She got first place for her grade last year. Hopefully she can hold on to her title and beat her own personal goal. The library has weekly storytime that I imagine we will attend when we can. It’s a good opportunity for Emily to log the books that she’s read and get new ones, plus the kids get do a little art project.

We decided to get a membership at the pool of a local homeowners association. We went swimming there for the first time yesterday. We knew Emily and Timothy would have a blast, but weren’t sure how Zachary would respond. He loves wading pools, but did not like swimming in the lake last week, so we weren’t sure if he’d like a big pool or not. It took a little coaxing at first, but he soon discovered that he loved going all the way under. We all had a great time. Emily went off the diving board a few times, Timothy went down the slide and jumped off the side in the 4 ft water, and Zachary went down the slide and walked around in the 3 ft area. We’ll be spending a lot of time at the pool for sure!

Emily has aspirations to be an author. She is always writing stories. She even entered the Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators contest this year and got 2nd place for the 2nd grade in the local competition. Since then, I’ve been trying to find ways to encourage her in this dream. When looking through the Summer Leisure Guide published by the City of Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department, I came across a creative writing class. The description stated that it was for ages 8 – 10. Emily won’t be 8 until August, so I called to see if she could take the class. They let her in and she started today. She meets each Monday in June. The guide has lots of great activities that we plan to attend.

All this plus some camping, attending a couple weeks of VBS, and making some trips to see family should make this a great summer.



One thought on “Sum-Sum-Summertime

  1. Thanks for the other reading club info. Damaris is definitely interested in doing that one as well. Her eyes got so big when I told her she could get a free book. LOL! We utilizing the pool at the university this summer as much as possible. Russ isn’t a big fan of swimming, but Damaris & I are already a nice shade of not so white. LOL!

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