The New Guy

About a week before the end of school, Emily brought home a permission slip for her name to be put into a drawing to take home one of the class pets.  The class had 2 hamsters.  There were 21 kids in Emily’s class.  We signed the form thinking there was very little chance of "winning" a hamster.  We even prepared Emily so she wouldn’t be too disappointed if she didn’t win.

What we didn’t expect was only 2 of the 21 students to be in the drawing.  Emily called us from school on the last day of school to let us know that we would be taking a hamster home from school.  She was so excited that we couldn’t help being excited too.

DSCF6919Meet Sneakers.  He lives in his cage in Emily’s bedroom.  He seems to enjoy his new home a lot.  🙂


3 thoughts on “The New Guy

  1. Lori, I’ve been reading awhile this morning, catching up with you. Glad you surgery went OK — it is very humbling to be on the recieving end of meals and such. I always feel awkward when it happens.

    I love your new table and chair set. I bet you get years of use out of it.

    Enjoy your summer with those beautiful kiddoes.

  2. OK NOW I am cracking up at the ladybugs down below the comment box. That is too funny. And of course I clicked on it to see if my early morning eyes were decieving me and then I got an even bigger laugh at the comment that popped up.

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