T-ball Timothy!

tballawardsThis morning was Timothy’s awards ceremony for t-ball.  It was scheduled to begin at 9:30.  We arrived at the ballpark at 9:00.  It was sprinkling.  At 9:10, everyone gathered on the covered patio as it rained .  We were a little worried we’d be rained out.  We’d been rained out of a few practices, but no games.  It would be such a shame to be rained out of the awards! 

About 10 minutes later, it seemed to let up enough to venture onto the field.  Luckily, it stayed clear enough to get through the ceremony.   All the teams lined up on the field and the announcer called the players one at a time to get their trophy.  Then, they all gathered for a group photo.  It was fun!

Timothy had a great time playing t-ball this year.  He said he wants to keep playing so he can get more trophies.  We told him that this is his last time to play t-ball.  Depending on where we live next year, he’ll most likely be in a Coach Pitch league.  And, they’ll start taking score and keeping track of who wins.  Yikes!

tballawards (2)tballawards (3)tballawards (4)tballawards (5)tballawards (6)

I couldn’t leave out the proud supporters.  Zachary can’t wait for his turn on the field next year.  Emily is happy to cheer from the sidelines.

tballawards (7) 



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