Ping Pong

Sometimes I feel like a ping pong ball.

13 years ago, I headed to Plainview to attend Wayland. I was 18 years old and had my whole life ahead of me. I had no idea where God would take me in the years that followed. Not long after arriving on campus, I met a boy that I liked. He was in my Calculus class and was a big wig in the BSM, and boy could he make me laugh. Turned out that he kind of liked me too. First graduation, then marriage.

We still had our whole lives ahead of us. We lived in Lubbock while he went to graduate school. He also worked as a children’s minister. I kept myself busy working at a bank for a year and then completing an Internship to be a high school math teacher. A year a half after getting married, we learned that we were having a baby. We knew it was time to find our place to raise our family.

Just two years after leaving Plainview, we returned and soon had a beautiful baby girl. Scott worked full time as a mathematics instructor and completed his degree. I worked part time at several different jobs, had two more babies, and got an extra degree of my own.

After those seven years in Plainview, we again found ourselves in Lubbock. Not as a young couple with our whole lives ahead of us, but as a family. Scott had a new job as post-Doc researcher at Texas Tech. We found a great rent house and a great school for the kids. I even had a job I liked with a wonderful group of new friends. We found a good church and quickly got involved. We were able to get a handle on some debt that had been following us around. Things were good, even with a brief medical issue that had to be resolved. The only thing that wasn’t great was Scott’s job. He found his calling. He could finally say definitively that he knew what career he was called to do. And, it wasn’t full time research. Six months after we had left Plainview, he started driving back to teach at Wayland. We found ourselves wondering what we should do next.

In five weeks, we are moving back to Plainview. We are ready to be home owners again. Rising gas prices have made it impossible to save for a downpayment while Scott continues to commute, so we are going to be renting a faculty house from Wayland until we are able to get into OUR house. There are things that I am very sad to be leaving, but know this is the right step for our family. God has guided us here through many steps and even led us to the largest faculty house that Wayland had which just happened to be the only one available now. It will serve us nicely as we transition back into Plainview.

What’s next?


2 thoughts on “Ping Pong

  1. We’re happy that y’all are moving back to Plainview, closer to us….selfish, yes, and we like Plainview. Course we really never had a problem with you living in Lubbock, either. We just want you both to be happy and content no matter where God takes you.

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