Now that I’ve gotten used to the idea that we are moving, I have started trying to find my place in Plainview. I know it seems that we weren’t gone long enough for me to have lost my place, but the truth is that I have changed a lot in the last year and don’t really want to be in the same place I was in when we left Plainview last year. While I was sad about leaving some people behind, I was also very excited about being able to make a break from some things. Our time here has been a wonderful time of rest from the various activities and jobs I had committed myself to. I’ve learned a lot about how I want to spend my time and the kind of people I want to spend my time with. I want to make better decisions this time around.

In my search, I came across a posting from the Virtual Campus at Wayland. The job is for an Instructional Design Specialist . To be honest, it is the job that I was born to do. My background in computers and education would fit nicely in this job. I would absolutely love to be able to do this job. It would look great on a resume if I decide to head back to teaching in a couple years. There is one flaw though. It’s full-time. I still have Zachary home for a couple more years, so I really don’t want anything full-time yet. At least not full-time away from home. So, I’ve visited with the Assistant Director of the Virtual Campus (she took an Access class from me a few years ago at the Community Classroom) and learned that the director is open to the idea of the job being done at least part-time away from the office. That was enough to get me to apply. I have an interview tomorrow afternoon at 2:00. Hopefully I will leave there tomorrow knowing how this will work for our family. If I am hired for this job, it wouldn’t be long at all before we would be able to buy a home. Plus, I think it would be fun to work at the same place as Scott. Wayland means a lot to both of us.

If the aforementioned job doesn’t work out, there are some other options to explore. I spoke with a friend and former employer of mine this week. She told me of a possibility of a 10 hour / week job working with her. While it wouldn’t be my dream job, it has many plusses. It’s a ministry-type position, the schedule is fairly flexible, Zachary would be able to come with me most of the time, I would get to work with my friend again, and I would get to do some creative design work with a computer. It probably wouldn’t get us into buying a house as quickly as #1, but every little bit helps.

There is always the possibility that I could go back to tutoring. This would allow me to stretch my teaching muscles a little more. I really enjoyed tutoring when we lived in Plainview before, except for the fact that the only place that I could tutor was at our kitchen table or in the living room. This meant that Scott and the kids had to be confined to the back of the house for an hour as I worked with these students. Well, the house we are going to be renting from Wayland actually has a bonus room that could be a fourth bedroom / office / playroom. The boys love having a bunkbed and still like sharing a room, so we had planned to use the room as a playroom. It’s located away from the living room and bedrooms, so it would also make a really nice office for tutoring. When one of my previous students heard that Scott had returned to Wayland, she asked if I was returning as well. She was looking for a tutor. I am sure there are others who need tutoring as well. Combining this with option #2 would work pretty well too.

So, that’s three possibilities that have popped up in the last couple weeks. Part of me wants to just wait until we get settled so I can see what comes my way, as I’ve gotten in trouble before for planning my life too far ahead. But another part of me thinks that this is God’s way of getting me through the move, and that I need to grasp the opportunities before they slip away. I’m not handling the idea of leaving very well, so maybe this is something to get me looking forward instead of focusing on what I’m leaving behind.

I would appreciate your prayers tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know what I want you to pray for. Just for direction and an understanding of what God wants for me in Plainview this time.


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