So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen

No matter how you say it, it’s goodbye. Tonight a bunch of the ladies and I from the preschool got together for a night out. They said it was farewell (NOT GOODBYE!) for me and welcome baby for another of the ladies who worked there, but honestly it was just a chance to get together. I hadn’t seen many of these ladies since school got out, so it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up on what everyone had been up to. I am quite proud of the fact that I made it through the evening without crying, despite all the wonderful cards and gifts.

Timothy’s teacher wasn’t able to make it. She’s a very enthusiastic person, so she came up in the conversation several times. The stories about her brought to mind when Scott had asked me if we would ever get the “Robertson” out of Timothy, as we’ve seen many of her mannerisms come across in some of his expessions over the last few weeks. I told the other ladies about Scott saying that, and they remarked that Mrs. Robertson has a lasting effect on her kiddos so it would be a while before it wore off. This year has had an effect on me as well, and I don’t plan on letting it wear off anytime soon.

In preparation for the evening, I got to do something that I never do. I went shopping for a new outfit. And I even got to paint my nails. As I was painting my toenails, Zachary came to see me. Little visits like this are the main reason I usually don’t paint my nails. He came in and, in true three year old fashion, asked me if I was painting my fingernails. I told him I was painting my toenails, and would do my fingernails in a minute. He proceded to try to touch the nails, at which point I reminded him that they were wet. So, he asked if I was going to dry them. Once he understood that I was going to let them dry, he asked me why Emily had painted her nails. As I was explaining to him that sometimes girls like to paint their nails so they can look pretty, he lost interest and told me he was hungry. Yep, he’s a boy alright. Playing with his sister’s Barbies hasn’t messed him up too much.



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