Daddy's Moving In

NOTE: This post is not by Lori.  I (Scott) am moving in.

I have decided to shut down my blog called Zone Defense and move all my posts to this blog, making it the central location for all things related to our little crew of five Franklins.

From now on my posts are going to be here and only here.  I posted a notice over at Zone Defense.  I am assuming, hopefully not too much, that if you are interested in what Lori has to blog about our family, you’ll be able to put up with what I blog about this family as well.

I have already moved my posts from Zone Defense so if you happen to read through the old stuff here, you’ll find all my junk mixed in.

We’ll be making a few collaborative adjustments to this blog to reflect this change (like adding author pictures, etc.) so bear with us during the adjustment phase.

By the way, if you happened to be following Lori on Facebook or Twitter, you may have accidentally been inundated with post notices.  For that I am sorry.  I take full responsibility for the mishap.


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