Good to be home

Franklin, Scott We haven’t taken a vacation, per se, this summer.  So far we have just had a holiday and a couple of family visits.  We just got back from an extended stay with Lori’s parents in Granbury.  We almost did everything we had planned for the weekend.
  Last Friday we made the trip down just after the kids finished their swimming lessons.  By the way, everyone passed their lessons.  Technically, Zachary didn’t pass but that’s because he’s not old enough to promote to the next level.  He’s still just as competent of a "swimmer" as anyone else in his class.  That doesn’t mean he can swim but it does mean that he’s confident in the water and that he’s able to get around fairly well while wearing a flotation device.
  We left Lubbock around 2 and made it to Granbury around 7:30.  On Saturday, we headed to Keller to see Lori’s brother and, in particular, his 2 month old little girl.  She’s very cute.  Of course, the older brother is also a fun little guy and our kids had a good time playing with his toys, watching his videos and listening to him screech.  He’s a very gifted screecher, if there is such a thing.  Lori’s brother lives near a large Cabela store and we all went there just to look around and I was significantly impressed.  There were several "exhibits" of stuffed (as in taxidermy) animals.  They ranged from an African elephant to dozens of deer and elk.  A big swath of that store is more like a museum than a sporting goods store.  I also saw one of the biggest catfish I have ever seen in their aquarium.  By the way, the kids enjoyed it too.
  Next day, we went to church with Joel and Clare and got to hear their new pastor.  I enjoyed the sermon and with the lack of sleep I got the night before, any lessor preacher would have put me to sleep.  He preached on God’s immutability, that He is the same God in the Old and New Testament despite an apparent change in character.
  Monday, we had a hot dog cookout at "Sandy Beach" in Pecan Plantation.  The name is certainly a misnomer.  I think the beach there is at least a couple thousand years away from sandy.  Right now it should be called pebble beach, or even gravel beach.  I also now know the benefits of swim shoes over sandals.  Wearing sandals through a beach of gravel is painful to say the least.  Taking them off and wading through a section of the Brazos river where the river bottom is all rock and no sand, that proved to be even more painful.  It was nice to just sit down and float in the warm water of the Brazos, and even though the kids only played for a little while, I think they enjoyed it as well.  After the dip in the river, we ate our hot dogs and played on the playground.
  Tuesday was another swim day but this time it was more my speed.  We visited the Country Club at Pecan Plantation and swam in their pool.  It was a very nice pool because a good half of the large pool was no more than three feet deep.  This gave the kids a lot of play room.  Of course they had to spend plenty of time jumping off the diving board.  The boys wear their life jackets and have no problem at all.  Zachary developed the habit of counting before jumping but instead of "one, two, three, jump", he would go with "one, two, three, six, seven, eight, nine, uh, uh, one, two, uh, three…."  All the while, with the line backing up at the diving board, we’re yelling "JUMP JUMP JUMP".  Finally he would and then just float in the way for a little while longer.  So, Lori and I still had to take turns pushing or pulling him out of the way each time he jumped.  Timothy’s life jacket saved him a lot of pain.  He attempted to dive a few times, after watching Emily learn how at her swim lessons.  He’d stick those hands together and just fall off.  Belly flop!!  Fortunately, the life jacket kept him from feeling anything so he enjoyed it.  I like to watch Zachary attempt the dive too.  Emily’s got a great dive, putting hands together, diving forward, away from the wall or board instead of trying to go straight down.  Zachary starts the same way, almost.  Instead of putting his hands together, he just makes an "X" with them over his head.  I don’t know why.  Then he jumps feet first.
  Wednesday, we left to go home.  Joel is lending me their 5’x8′ flat bed trailer to help move some of the boxes in the next couple of weeks to our new house in Plainview.  It was an ordeal getting it hooked up to the Trailblazer, but after two different trips to Home Depot on Tuesday evening and one to AutoZone on Wednesday morning, we were all ready to go.
  Overall, the weekend was a great success and a lot of fun!! 


One thought on “Good to be home

  1. Glad you had fun. If you had been in Lubbock last weekend, however, you could have met Mindy’s cousin and his family. They have four boys under the age of 8. I think y’all would have gotten along well.

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