Party at Gatti-land

* August 23

We had Emily’s 8th birthday party last night.  When we started planning the party, we were still living in Lubbock.  Emily knew she wanted to invited her two best friends from Plainview and a group of friends from school / church in Lubbock as well.  She wanted to have a sleepover, but we felt that most of these moms probably wouldn’t be comfortable with their 8 year daughter spending the night in another town.  Not to mention the hassle of getting them to the house and back home again.  So, she decided to have the party at Mr. Gatti’s in Lubbock and have her two Plainview friends spend the night.  In an effort to avoid Labor Day, we scheduled the party for August 22nd.  Having the party before school starts has become a custom for us.

Emily decided to have a Cheerleading party.  We weren’t real sure what that meant, but agreed to make a megaphone cake.  We made the reservations that included food, drinks, the use of a party room, a party host, and a $10 game card for up to 8 kids.  She sent out 8 invitations and waited for party day.  There was no need to get party favors since each kid would be getting a game card and could get their own prizes with their tickets.

On the day of the party, Emily’s friends from Plainview rode with us to Lubbock.  7 of the 8 kids arrived and the party went very smoothly.  I really didn’t have to do much at all, which meant I got to enjoy the party.  It was nice!  Everyone had a great time and Emily was a great hostess.

Emily is now the proud owner of Monopoly: Then & Now, 2 new webkinz, a webkinz outfit, new pajamas, 2 ePets, a purse & Nancy Drew book! 

em8partycakeem8party (1)em8party (2)em8party (3)em8party (4)em8party (5)em8party (6)em8party (7)em8party (8)em8party (9)em8party (10)em8party (11)em8party (12)em8party (13)em8party (14)em8party (15)em8party (16)em8party (17)em8party (18)em8party (19)em8party (20)em8party (21)em8party (22)em8party (23)em8party (24)em8party (25)em8party (26)em8party (27)em8party (28)

After all her Lubbock friends had left, we ran a couple quick errands in Lubbock, picked up Slushies at Sonic and then headed home.  Once we got there, the girls wanted to play Emily’s new Monopoly game.  Since it’s kind of a tough game, I played with them.  We decided to play the “quick” version.  We quit when two hours passed and there was no end in sight, the girls were pretty simpled out and I was tired.  We set them up with a movie in the living room and I went to bed.

The next morning we had Belgium waffles and the girls played with Emily’s new toys until their parents came.   Then we all crashed on the couch for the rest of the day.



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