Timothy’s First Day of School

* August 20

Today was Timothy’s first day of Kindergarten.  He is attending the 1/2 day program at Plainview Christian Academy, a private school here in town.   Like most public schools in Texas, Emily doesn’t start until next week.

timkinder1When I took Timothy to school this morning, he went right on in with little more than a hug goodbye.  We had meet the teacher last night and he has the same teachers that Emily had, so we’re pretty familiar with the routine there.  When I picked him at 11:30, he was very upset because he wanted to stay at school like a lot of the other kids at school get to do.  The teacher assured me that was the only time of the day that had been upset.  He had a great day!

timkinder2Since I am working outside of the home now, we considered putting him in the full day program.  Emily attended the 1/2 day program when she was in Kindergarten because she was still 4 when school started, she had never attended a full day program away from mom before then, and I was still home full time.  Timothy has been 5 for 3 1/2 months and attended the full day at Calvary last year because I worked there, so he is technically “ready” to go full days.  But the schedule worked out that he doesn’t have to stay all day and, as we explained to him, the kids at his school lay down for naps in the afternoon.  Timothy hasn’t taken a nap in several years, and I can just imagine how things would go if he were made to lay down at school.  Once we told him about that, he was okay with going half days.  Since either Scott or I will be home in the afternoons, we will be sure to make afternoons lots of fun.



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