Plainview Redskins

DSCF7044 Timothy started playing flag football this week.  It really is quite comical to watch a bunch 4, 5, & 6 year olds play football.  Unlike t-ball, there is quite of bit of education that the kids need to play football.  In t-ball, the kids need to know to hit the ball and run the bases when it’s their turn to bat and to catch (pick up off the ground) and throw the ball to first base when they are fielding.  In football, they learn to hike the ball, hand it off, and run for the end zone when they are on offense and to grab the flag of the guy with the ball when they are on defense.  It’s a lot to remember and requires some ability.

There wasn’t a lot of learning involved in the first week of practices.  The kids learned to hike the ball and to run with it.  They didn’t learn to hand off the ball or run in a certain direction.  We’re hoping that now that we’ve been through the first game, these will be some skills learned in practices.

Timothy’s team (the Redskins) played the Cowboys this week.  They don’t keep score, but it’s pretty easy to tell who won.  The Cowboys got 3 touchdowns and the Redskins got 1.

Nonetheless. everyone had a great time.  All it takes is to get a snack at the end of the game to keep the kids coming back for more.