An angel, a transformer, and a clone trooper

We spent most of the week dreading Halloween night.  Not because we don’t like Halloween.  We usually enjoy letting the kids dress up and go trick-or-treating, but this year we found ourselves pulled in several directions.  There were a couple houses that I’d promised to bring the kids to, Trunk-a-Treat at church at 6:00, the Fall Festival from Timothy’s school at 6:30, and an office party at 6:30.  All fun activities that we wanted to go to, but took some work to figure out how to do them all.

We started the fun at 4.  Timothy had learned at the pumpkin patch that pumpkins last longer if you paint or color them than if you cut them, so the kids had been begging since Wednesday to be allowed to paint the pumpkins that we got.  They pointed out several times that it made the most sense to decorate them before Halloween, and they were right.  So, we pulled out the tempera paint and brushes, covered the table, and they had a great time!  Surprisingly, there was very little mess.

DSCF7103 DSCF7105  DSCF7107 


The finished products:

Emily decorated hers to look like a black widow spider
DSCF7109 DSCF7110 DSCF7111

Timothy painted a real (used the peach paint) face on his

DSCF7115 DSCF7116 DSCF7117

Zachary usd all the colors to paint a face on his  
DSCF7112 DSCF7113 DSCF7114   

DSCF7118 DSCF7119

Then it was time to get their costumes on and go trick or treating.

Emily dressed as an angel (I guess she just didn’t want to dress up this year!), Timothy as Bubblebee, and Zachary as a Storm Trooper (Scott was so proud!!!).

DSCF7122 DSCF7120 DSCF7121 

Trick-or-Treating, Trunk-A-Treat, and the Fall Festival were all a lot of fun and we have a pumpkin basket completely full of candy now.  We dropped the kids off at some friends house and made it to the party by 8:15.   There were 10 people there.  When we got there, they were playing a round of “Fact or Crap.”  We’d seen the game before, but hadn’t played it.  It was fun, but we were disappointed that the cards didn’t reveal the “real” answer when the statement was not true.

The party was pot luck.  We knew we’d be late, so we brought dessert.  For the first time in my life, I baked a cheesecake from scratch.  It was a pumpkin cheese cake with an oreo crust, sour cream icing, and chocolate drizzled over the top in the shape of a spider-web.  It was a hit!  I forgot to take a picture before, but here’s what’s left.


All said, it was a fun night.  Today we get to relax.  I hear there’s some big game today that I’m sure will be on our TV at some point.



2 thoughts on “An angel, a transformer, and a clone trooper

  1. Nice decorated pumkins. Was Zachary’s a self portrait.

    Big Halloween in Pecan Plantation. 10 Trick or Treaters in 4 groups. A record high.

  2. Its half time of that big game as I read and reply. Sounds like you guys had a busy, but fun day. Robert and I spent last evening at the BIG Fall Festival Carnival that the church throws for the community. From 5 to 9 we served cola to all thirsty participants. It was hard work, but the weather cooperated and we had a grand time with friends.

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