School Kids

Emily brought home her 3rd grade school picture today.  Isn’t she stunning?

We’ve been waiting for hers so we could post both of our school kids’ pics.

Here’s Timothy’s Kindergarten picture.  What a good looking guy!



11 thoughts on “School Kids

  1. Hard to believe that Emily is in third grade. Now Timothy being in kindergarten is ok, but only because I know he and Abigail are about the same age.

    They are great kids.

  2. All of your children are beautiful! How is it raising three compared to two?

    And to comment on a different post- your spiderweb cheesecake was too cool!

  3. Wow! They are both soooo good looking! Emily’s a knock-out! I’d watch out for the boys (and girls for Timothy-he IS so handsome). Can’t wait to get me copies!

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