Thanksgiving 2008

image This Thanksgiving belonged to my family so we made the trip to Amarillo and spent the holiday with my parents and grandparents.  A tradition was started a couple of years ago to take advantage of the feast at Golden Corral for Thanksgiving dinner, so we did that followed by an afternoon of snacking on goodies, including sausage balls, pecan pie squares, chex mix, etc.  Of course, a few games of Yahtzee had to be played.  We probably should have played a few more games for Emily’s sake but we spent most of the weekend watching football and movies, as well as eating and sleeping.

We weren’t all in the best of health.  Some of that could be attributed to the over-indulgence in snacks, but we think Emily might have had a mild case of strep.  By the time we got home on Saturday, she was feeling much better and her fever was gone.  We expected to take her into the weekend clinic but she wanted to wait to see if she stayed better and we agreed.  By Sunday, there was little evidence that she had been sick at all.

On Sunday, while playing hookie from church for no good reason (shame on us!), we cleaned the entire house, room by room, starting in the back and working our way forward.  We did try something new this time, attacking each room as a whole, all five of us.  Usually we split up and each take a room.  This seemed to go faster in my opinion and you see progress a lot faster (snowball effect?).  

Once the house was clean, we started decorating for Christmas.  The tree is up, the knick-knacks are carefully placed (thanks to Lori).  I was in charge of grocery shopping during the knick-knack phase and it’s a good thing.  Everything is much more appropriately placed than I would have been able to accomplish.

I’m officially ready for Christmas Season!

– Scott


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