Radical Cartwheels

Well, it’s been a couple months since my last post. Rather than trying to relive the holidays and get caught up, I am going to just start back up from here. The holidays were great, but I don’t think I could give a very accurate retelling at this point.

When we returned to Plainview, Emily decided she wanted to take gymnastics this year so she could learn to do a cartwheel. She took dance when we were here before, but had never done gymnastics. So, we enrolled her in gymnastics at a place called “Radical Cheer” that is located just down the street from here. Having never taken gymnastics before, she was placed into the beginners class. Most of the kids in her class are 4 & 5 years old. This does not bother her a bit. She is having a great time!!

There was a fundraiser for the competition teams last night. It was a barbecue dinner that included a silent auction, a cake auction, and the kids on the teams put themselves on the auction block to do light housework or babysitting (depending on their age). It was fun, but the highlight of the night for us was when the classes put on a demonstration of what they do in class.

Here is a video of Emily’s class…



One thought on “Radical Cartwheels

  1. I was so proud of her. I never thought anyone with my genes would be able to do a cartwheel like that. Isn’t she great?

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