O Christmas Trees

Since Emily’s first Christmas, we’ve been carrying on a tradition in our family in which we purchase one new Christmas ornament for each of our kids each year.  I’ve certainly lost track of who got what and when, but thankfully we’ve labeled each ornament and kept them in good shape over the years.  However, the ultimate result of this tradition is a very sentimental but horrendously hodge podge Christmas tree.

This year we tried something new.  We bought a separate 3’ tree for each kid.  They’ve now accumulated enough ornaments of their own plus a few oldies-but-goodies from Christmas-past and they can decorate their own trees.  Plus, with the dormers on our second floor, where the boys have their room, we can put them in windows and add to our external illumination.


(See them up on the second floor)

The final benefit and probably the main goal was that we were able to decorate our tree with a more uniform style.


Here are the kiddos trees:

zachsTree TimsTree EmsTree
Zach’s Tree Tim’s Tree Emily’s Tree
(with a photo bomb by Zach)


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