My Twitter – A Year in Review

twitterFor the record, I am aware that good many of my tweets over at my twitter account (and by extension, my facebook statuses) fit into the “Who really cares?” category but that doesn’t bother me, especially this time of year.  The greatest benefit to both my twitter feed and my blog come from being able to take a stroll down memory lane and reminisce on the good ol’ days.

I normally use a service called to make an occasional archive of my tweets but for some reason, it is not allowing downloads now.  I’ve switch over to use

What follows are what I thought were the best tweets of the year, or perhaps the most interesting events of the year which happened to be documented on my Twitter account, or perhaps just a few that made me giggle one more time.  Hope you enjoy.  If not, I will.


SplineGuy: Happy New Day, New Month, New Year and New Decade. Praying that God richly blesses all of you and that we all draw closer to Him in 2010.

2010-01-27 SplineGuy: I REALLY like the people I work with. It’s so great to work with such considerate, kind and helpful folks.

SplineGuy: After reading all about the iPad, I’m still very happy with my Kindle choice. Whew! I was actually worried for a short while.
(by the way, I now own an iPad)

SplineGuy: The Alert just went out. All events and classes are cancelled and offices will close at 12:05
(during the great ice storm of 2010)

SplineGuy: We took a walk down to Kidsville. Some morons had spray painted bad words into the snow and we took great pleasure in stomping them out.


SplineGuy: Taking a group of students to Lubbock to participate in the TTU Engineering job fair (one of the perks of our pre-engineering program).

SplineGuy: How can you tell when your Corn Nuts are stale?

SplineGuy: What is this event? Skiing and shooting?  Weird.
(watching the Winter Olympics)

SplineGuy: I think marriage means she doesn’t have to ask if she can drink my Mountain Dew. I wish it didn’t.

SplineGuy: Looks like I’m going to Chicago for ICTCM. Abstract was accepted and I’m getting a discount on conference fees for volunteering to help.


SplineGuy: Set up in my hotel – 30th floor of the Sheraton Chicago – working on my talk. Last time I stayed in a Sheraton was on my wedding night. TMI?

SplineGuy: Next up, Decrypting Cryptography talk. Mainly interested in what software he uses in his classes. #ICTCM
(This was the when I came up with the of the honor’s course I will be teaching this coming Spring)

SplineGuy: Interesting thought: offer an honors course in cryptography and personal security for non math majors.  #ICTCM

SplineGuy: Between Timo and Lori: “Mom, what does oz. stand for?” “Ounces”. “Hey, Mom, look! The Wizard of Ounces” 🙂

SplineGuy: Morning DE lecture went well with a total of 10 guests (8 students+2 parents). We laughed, we sang, we bounced things on springs. Fun stuff.

SplineGuy: From today’s Plainview Daily Herald: “A llama has been found by the Hale County Sheriff’s Office, call … to identify”. Who loses a llama?


SplineGuy: “Zach! Don’t lick your brother’s nose. Tim! Keep your nose out of your brother’s mouth”. This is my life.

SplineGuy: Guess who’s preaching at First Baptist Church in Plainview on April 18?

SplineGuy: Calculus Bowl is underway!!  Go WBU Pi-oneers!!

SplineGuy: How come when you scratch your feet, your hands smell like your feet but your feet don’t smell like your hands?

SplineGuy: “Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment…” (Romans 12:3)

SplineGuy: 10 minutes into my guest lecture, one of the students commented, “You’re very excited.” My repsonse: “Who wouldn’t be? It’s Linear Algebra.”

SplineGuy: Do you use nouns as verbs?  I’m thinking of starting a club for us. We’ll facebook, blog, scrapbook, gas our cars, twitter, etc. Any others?

SplineGuy: I think the spring research day was a success. We had over 100 attendees. Not bad for our size and our first time.


SplineGuy: Someone explain to me how winning a 2nd MVP award is “humbling”? – You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means

SplineGuy: Happy Star Wars Day! “May the 4th be with you”

SplineGuy: Bonus question on today’s algebra final: How man sweater vests does Dr. Franklin own?  Any guesses?

SplineGuy: Yay! We collected data on the amount of lift provided by helium balloons. Does anyone else get this excited about real world data?
(working on Emily’s science project)

SplineGuy: Leaving for a week-long leadership conference at Baylor tomorrow morning.  Should be good but not looking forward to being away that long!

SplineGuy: A Christian cobbler is one who makes quality shoes, not inferior ones with little crosses on them. (The same goes for a Christian educator)

SplineGuy: Can we or should we assess all aspects of the Christian mission in our programs extending even to the spiritual life of our students?

SplineGuy: Story time with the Kindle: realized today the kids had never heard of Rumplestilskin so I looked it up and read it to them on the Kindle.

SplineGuy: Great cookout at Gran and O’Grandad’s, with Mom, Dad and Granny Brown, too. #MemorialDay


SplineGuy: I’m so proud of my wife. Way to go!!!!

SplineGuy: On the road to Amarillo for a great uncle’s funeral. The hardest part is that he won’t be there to make jokes. His laugh will be missed.

SplineGuy: Hey cool! They just showed my hail storm video on the news (KCBD with John Robison).  Nice!

SplineGuy: New question from the young one: Are bones harder than people?

SplineGuy: Overheard in the next room, Timo to Zach: “It’s very easy to kill babies.” Should I be worried?

SplineGuy: Never attribute to malice what incompetence will explain.


SplineGuy: Question: Do you lose man points if you tear up when you say goodbye to your 7 year old son when he’s going to camp for four days?

SplineGuy: Statistics means never having to say you’re certain.


SplineGuy: We are off!  We’re on the road for our vacation. Hurricane harbor tomorrow and six flags on Friday.

SplineGuy: Whew! Technology overload in algebra. Youtube, powerpoint, mobi tablet, ipad and an external hd. Next week, I’m introducing clickers.

SplineGuy: Why would batteries come with a free glue stick?


SplineGuy: Haiku of the day: Refrigerator, Where is my Dr. Pepper? Can I have it please?

SplineGuy: When I walk into a public restroom that doesn’t have a urinal, I always exit right away to make sure I went in the right one. Is that weird?


SplineGuy: Woohoo! Finished the goals I set for fall break research. That may be a first.

SplineGuy: Off we go. Riding the church bus. Family outing for FBC today. Pumpkin patch, hay ride, corn maze, hooray!!

SplineGuy: Just in case you were wondering, I’m really going to miss my pastor.

2010-10-20 03:56:45
SplineGuy: I just almost have a man crush on Josh Hamilton.

SplineGuy: I can say with 95% confidence that today is World Statistics Day. Hope yours is statistically significant.

SplineGuy: We’re going to the world series!!! #Rangers win.

SplineGuy: Good day at the Texas Undergraduate Mathematics Conference. Even if some of the talks were lacking, our students got to see some good stuff.


SplineGuy: Sometimes I wonder why a man who hates crowds would decided it was a good idea to have three kids.

SplineGuy: God gives clarity of mind and clarity of speech just when you need it. I give Him the glory for a good presentation at today’s lunch meeting

SplineGuy: Ambiguity is the enemy of all things mathematical.


SplineGuy: Christmas lights are now up. It’s a little late but not too bad. Let’s just hope they come down before Valentine’s Day.
(for the record, they were down on December 28)


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