That Face


I thought I’d bring a little humor to the blog this evening. Those of you that know our family know that Zachary is a big source of humor.

One thing about Zachary is that he does not hide his emotions. He displays them clearly on his face. One that I don’t think he intended to be funny is his "mad" face, though it has turned in to quite a game to try to imitate it. He’ll do anything for a laugh, so it doesn’t bother him that we’ve made a joke out of it (something that would disturb his brother A LOT).

What about you? Can you make Zachary’s "mad" face?

And, just cause it made me laugh, here’s the face he made when I asked him to make his mad face so I could take a picture. 🙂



She’s got the Cancer (probably)

(Cross-posted on Scott’s personal blog, “What Color is Tuesday?”)

sad-face-yellowIt’s pretty sad, but most likely our little beagle has a cancerous tumor on her belly.  While we won’t know for sure unless we send off a biopsy to a pathology lab, the vet said it is most likely a squamous cell carcinoma or a hemangiosarcoma.  In both cases, the best treatment is surgical removal of the tumor.  Since she also has pretty severe tooth decay, the vet recommends that we put Lucy completely under anesthesia, give her IV fluids and do both her teeth cleaning and tumor removal.  Another option would be to just locally anesthetize the area and remove the tumor.

I hate having to make the call on a pet.  After all, she’s a member of the family but she is just an animal.  I’ve always said that owners that spends thousands of dollars on treatments like chemotherapy or radiation are a little bit loony, but it’s harder to say that when your own pet is nearing the end.  We know that Lucy has lived a long life and she’s right at the average lifespan for her breed.  And yet, she’s still eating, drinking, playing and being … well, … being Lucy.

So, what do you say?  How far do you go for the family pet?  Can you put a price tag on the companionship from your puppies? $75, $350, or thousands of $$$?

Vet Visit

(cross-posted on Scott’s personal blog at “What Color is Tuesday?”)

We planned on heading out to Granbury this morning but due to a new “growth” on our beagle’s belly, we’re postponing for one extra day.  However, when we leave still kind of depends on what we learn at the vet.  Lucy Lou, our 12-year-old AKC registered beagle, has developed a handful of small lumps on her body.  We’ve counted 4 now, but one of them we noticed had turned red and proceeded to double in size over a couple of days.  It seems to have slowed its growth but we still need to check it out.  We first noticed this one while in Canadian for Christmas a few days ago.

We’re hoping for the best.  At this point, we all realize that she’s a pretty old dog but until now, we’ve always thought of her as the more healthy and more spry of our two dogs.  Cramer, who is also 12, has steadily lost more and more of his vision over the last year.  It was discovered in 2009 that his tear-ducts were no longer working as they should.  Dry eye is not uncommon among old Dachshunds, but his case was deteriorated to where he’s lost almost all sight.  He navigates our house quite well, but you really notice his difficulty when we visit other places, like last week in Canadian.

Lucy Lou:




Not in there!

It’s been over a year since my last post. So long in fact that I had to ask Scott how to login to my blog in order to add a post. Rather than trying to relive the abundance of events and happenings (sports, 4th Grade, 1st Grade, Pre-K, awards, school events, church programs, possible job changes, holidays) that have occurred in the last year and a half, I am going to go ahead and post as if I have already shared all those things here. Something funny happened tonight and I thought the blog was the best place to document it.

School has been out a week, and once again we have a summer membership to the pool at the country club. Scott and the kids went a couple days this week and I have finally be able to go with them the last couple days. When we returned home after swimming, we sent the kids to their rooms to change their clothes and then spent some time relaxing in the living room.

At dinner time, only Emily and Timothy came to the table when we called them all the dinner. Timothy explained that Zachary was asleep. He often just falls asleep in odd places and odd times, so this didn’t surprise us. He could eat when he woke up. Not long after we started eating, Zachary came downstairs. The first thing we all noticed was that he was only wearing his swim shirt (no trunks). We asked him where his shorts were, and his response was that he needed to go to the bathroom. He then went into the office. We called him. He returned to the living room, and we asked him why he had gone to the office. Once again, we got the response that he needed to go to the bathroom and he turned and headed to the office. This time I got up and took him to the bathroom. When he returned to the living room, we directed him to go to his room and get dressed.

A moment he later he was back in the living room dressed the same way he was the last time we’d seen him and he informed us he needed to go the bathroom. We reminded him not to go to the office, and he actually made it to the bathroom this time. Not long after he returned to the living room with his blanket. This time we began to suspect he was asleep. He’s a silly kid, but he knows where the bathroom is! We asked him if he was awake and he giggled. We asked him where his clothes were and he giggled. He was heading toward his room, so we again asked him to get some clothes on. Up the stairs he went.

After he had been gone a few minutes, I headed upstairs to check on him. I found him laying in his bed with his eyes wide open. He looked at me and told me he couldn’t get his clothes from his top drawer. He usually using his little stool to reach the top drawer, but clearly he wasn’t thinking straight. I got him dressed and asked him if he was hungry. He was hungry, so we headed down to eat. He was truly awake this time, so we all had a good laugh telling him about his naptime adventure.

All three kids have done this at one time or another. It seems to always involve needing to go to the bathroom. Why is that?

Bragging Rights

Besides the new house, here’s some more excitement that I don’t want to fail to mention! My facebook friends have already seen these…

Timothy’s first hit off the machine in baseball.

Emily’s presentation at the PTA Reflections Awards.

Her newsletter without illustrations (we didn’t get it scanned after she drew the pictures)


Zachary’s first t-ball season will be starting soon! I’m sure many videos and funny tales will come from that…


Dreams do come true

Well, it’s been a few months since my last post.  Rather than telling you why, let me show you what we’ve been up to….

We’ve admired this house from the outside for 8 years and had often thought that one day we’d like to build one that looked just like it. Instead, we decided to skip building one and buy the house.


Happy Birthday Zachary! I knew from the first day that life would be more fun with you around.

Thanks for making us laugh!

The week long celebration came to an end tonight with a trip to the North Pole on the Polar Express.    A full account with LOTS of pictures to come soon. 🙂