My New Favorite Place to Eat


We discovered nice little dive here in Lubbock that I have easily dubbed as my new favorite place to eat: Benaglio’s (Pizza! Pasta! Panini!). I only tried the middle one of that list of dishes, but that was enough to convince me that I am in love with a restaurant. 

Lori had been bugging to try the place and we finally saw commercial that intrigued me.  They have a pasta bar where you pile in your choice of pasta and toppings, choosing from sausage, seafood, vegetables and many other things.  You pass your bowl on to the cook and tell them the sauce you want.  I had two combinations last night when we were there.  One was angel hair, tortellini, and seafood topped with alfredo sauce.  Marvelous.  It is the best alfredo I’ve had since our favorite Italian restaurant in Lubbock closed down several years ago. It was easily better than my previous favorite at Olive Garden.  My second trip (yeah, all you can eat) was a southwestern sauce, spicy with cheddar jack cheese, sausuage, tortellini and penne.

The boys tried the pizza. Emily had a soup and salad bar.  After mooching off of mine and Lori’s pasta, I’m pretty sure they’ll be diving into the pasta bar next time we visit, which won’t be far off.


Bridge to Terabithia

We rented three movies the other night and I managed to end up only watching one. I guess I actually watched the very end of another one, one that you probably shouldn’t watch the end before the beginning. We rented Rocky Balboa, Premonition and Bridge to Terabithia. The one I watched was Bridge to Terabithia, the one I know the ending to is Premonition (and I won’t spoil it for you here) and the one we never got around to watching was Rocky Balboa. It’s really a shame because I really wanted to watch it. There is just not enough time for a new job, new house, three kids, a lovely wife and watching movies. Something has to give and so far it has not been the job or the family.

I know a few people who read “Bridge to Terabithia” as a kid. When the movie came out they were all excited, although they warned me that it has a sad ending and I should be prepared for that when I watch it. I want to be careful not to give away the ending, but they were right. It was heart wrenching but also inspiring, reminding me to cherish my children and their imagination. I recalled with great fondness those games I played when I was kid, all alone in my backyard, battling the monsters or the ninjas or the terrorists with my various imaginary weapons, from tree branches to golf clubs to baseball bats.

I particularly like the presentation of several characters in the movie/book. What a person appears to be on the outside, even if that is how they choose to be portrayed, is not always who they really are. There is almost always more to a person than we typically given them credit for, a history of life that has made them who they are. Many of those events that shape them are of their own choosing but many may not be. That doesn’t mean we blame others for our shortcomings, but we realize that everyone has their own battles. With that in mind, we should be gracious and compassionate to one other. That just happens to be one of the things I was reminded of in watching this movie.

For an adult, watching a children’s movie, it wasn’t half bad. I’d give it 4 out of 5 stars and definitely recommend it, especially if you can still remember what it’s like to be a kid.

Stranger Than Fiction

We rented Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell, Emma Thompson, Dustin Hoffman, and Queen Latifah (and the two guys from the Sonic Commercials, which we love). Lori and I both thought it was a very good flick, especially for cuddling up on the couch together and enjoying. While one of us has always been a huge Will Ferrell fan, the other one of us has tended to look at his work with an intense lack of amusement. Is it possible to have a intense like of feeling? Anyways, I think the reason that she has felt that way is that is humor is often a bit on the nose and just not her taste. Well, being that this particular flick is falls more on the dramatic side and less on the comedic side, we were both pleasantly surprised by our enjoyment of this night’s rental.

If I was giving out stars, this would rank probably 4.5 out of 5 stars. ‘

Just in case you missed the previews, the basic premise is that the main character, Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), begins to hear his life being narrated. Things turn interesting when the “Little does he know” moment hits and he becomes aware of his “imminent death”.

I would recommend it.