Radical Cartwheels

Well, it’s been a couple months since my last post. Rather than trying to relive the holidays and get caught up, I am going to just start back up from here. The holidays were great, but I don’t think I could give a very accurate retelling at this point.

When we returned to Plainview, Emily decided she wanted to take gymnastics this year so she could learn to do a cartwheel. She took dance when we were here before, but had never done gymnastics. So, we enrolled her in gymnastics at a place called “Radical Cheer” that is located just down the street from here. Having never taken gymnastics before, she was placed into the beginners class. Most of the kids in her class are 4 & 5 years old. This does not bother her a bit. She is having a great time!!

There was a fundraiser for the competition teams last night. It was a barbecue dinner that included a silent auction, a cake auction, and the kids on the teams put themselves on the auction block to do light housework or babysitting (depending on their age). It was fun, but the highlight of the night for us was when the classes put on a demonstration of what they do in class.

Here is a video of Emily’s class…



Swim School 2008

* This is another “forgotten” post.  I’m discovering a theme with the entries I’ve not published.  They all include pictures / video.  I’m guessing that’s what I’ve been waiting for to publish them.  This one was started on July 18th.

For the past two weeks, the kids have been going to swimming lessons at Texas Tech.  This is our second year to take lessons there.  We really are impressed with the program they have.  The kids learn a lot and have a great time.  And the price just can’t be beat. As luck would have it, these have been the coldest two weeks of the summer yet.  It’s been cloudy just about every day, so the water has been cold.  It hasn’t seemed to bother the kids too much.

There have been two notable differences this year from last year.

1) I didn’t have to swim. 

I like swimming, really I do.  But I would rather not have to participate in swimming lessons.  Last year, we signed Timothy up to be in the Aquatot class (3 & 4 year old) and Emily was in Level 3.  Both of these classes do not include parents swimming.  We didn’t sign Zachary up for anything, because we figured he was too young.  Swimming lessons for 2-year-olds wasn’t a choice in Plainview, so the thought hadn’t occurred to us.  Well, the first day of lessons last year, Zachary expressed in deep disapproval at having to just watch his big brother and sister swim.  Noticing his distress, the pool manager informed us that there is a class for 2 year olds.  It’s the mommy-and-me class.  So, I pulled out my swimsuit and got in the water with Zachary.  It was fun, but I was glad to get to stay dry this year since had graduated up to be an Aquatot.


2) We knew some other people at lessons.

Last year, we had lived in Lubbock for about a month when we had lessons.  This year, two other ladies from my work had signed their kids up for lessons at the sign time.  Between the three of us, we had signed 9 kids up in classes ranging from Aquatots to the Diving Class.  So, as we watched our kids swim,  the moms got to visit.  That was a lot of fun for everyone.  It has been a nice way to spend some time with friends and not think about the fact that we’ll be moving away in just a few weeks.

Now the part that you are all reading for.  Here are some pictures.  Emily was in level 3, Timothy in Level 1, and Zachary was an Aquatot.  All three kids mastered all parts of their class.  If we go back to Tech next year, which I think we will, Emily will do Level 4, Timothy will do Level 2, and Zachary will do the Aquatot class again (you have to be 5 to be in Level 1).

DSCF6960 DSCF6953 DSCF6964DSCF6961DSCF6973DSCF6974DSCF6946DSCF6947

And, here are some videos.

Emily — Level 3

Her teacher was Kelsie.